I have never noticed these old yucca seed pods, which look like alien flowers. It takes at least 5 years for a yucca to produce seeds.

Day 12 | Chamisa

Chamisa (Rabbit Brush) is ubiquitous here. It will be riotous yellow later in the year, but now in early spring, the underbrush is black and the top is dusty with old dry blossoms.

Day 3 | Pine Cone

Pretty cocoa and gray pine cone. I can’t do this justice.

Day 2 | Blue Grama

I understand that this little New Mexico grass has purple seeds on long stems. But it is early and dry and not quite spring. It’s a lovely straw color with wispy curls, so perhaps the name comes from the seeds, which I will hunt for in fall.

Day 1 | A Late Winter Palette

Early spring in New Mexico is subtle; it is dry and bland with little promise. But I am quiet and present, and there are soft butter yellows, gray aqua blues, salted caramels, terracottas, and muted burgundies.