Sketchy Apples

I wonder why fruit is so sketch worthy.      

Cat Hobbies

Thinking about a series or story about cats and what they do when you are not…

Black & White Textures

Dropbox has a nifty feature that allows you to covert images to textures. Use…

Abstract for Library

When I need a little motivation, I work on abstract paintings. I'm especially…

Happy Hippo

Who's watching?    

borneo dragon lizard

Lizard Dreams

Do lizards dream of becoming dragons?    

National Umbrella Day in Dogtown

National Umbrella Day in Dogtown

National Umbrella Day.   Another reason to #CelebrateEveryDangDay  

Overripe Pear

Experimenting with combining techniques. Ink, watercolor, digital, collage.…

Dismayed Polar Bear

First sketch for Priscilla Moves to Florida.  

The Birdwatcher

Developing a story by using stream of consciousness experimental sketches. Act…