Collage Illustration

Go to the Circus

Love the time I can spend doing experimental pieces.    

children's book character sketch

Procreate Tip

I was hired to do a follow up illustration about 2 years after I did the first…

Cat Hobbies

Thinking about a series or story about cats and what they do when you are not…

Calvino fairy tale crack and crook

Crack and Crook | Calvino

An idea for Crack and Crook, an Italian fairytale about thieves who steal from…

Children's Book Character

The Girl With Big Feet

Yes, based on my life story.    

Sketchbook Owl

My favorite tools are analog ink and the True Grit brushes used as erasers.…

Bumble Sketch

Did you know that bumble bees only live for a year? Except for the Queen, who…

Happy Hippo

Who's watching?    

borneo dragon lizard

Lizard Dreams

Do lizards dream of becoming dragons?    

National Umbrella Day in Dogtown

National Umbrella Day in Dogtown

National Umbrella Day.   Another reason to #CelebrateEveryDangDay