Bumble Sketch

Did you know that bumble bees only live for a year? Except for the Queen, who…

Happy Hippo

Who's watching?    

borneo dragon lizard

Lizard Dreams

Do lizards dream of becoming dragons?    

eddie edwards abstract paintings

Plum Pudding Day

February 12, 2022. Happy National Plum Pudding Day. Sad that this is neither a…

National Umbrella Day in Dogtown

National Umbrella Day in Dogtown

National Umbrella Day.   Another reason to #CelebrateEveryDangDay  

Overripe Pear

Experimenting with combining techniques. Ink, watercolor, digital, collage.…

Dismayed Polar Bear

First sketch for Priscilla Moves to Florida.  

2022 Groundhog Day

Happy Groundhog Argument Day

I imagine a groundhog debate would be something like this. Just another reason…