Pirate Rabbit

When I’m feeling a bit lost, a good Andy Pizza Creative Podcast episode will always spark something. Although I’m lazy about most of the assignments, I usually have some sort of take away that may or may not be intentional. Last month it was something about inhaling in December so you can exhale in January. I get it. I haven’t been out much with Covid and all And since Paris is out, I decided to do some junk shopping. Which is my idea of inspiration.

I was rewarded by finding this guy at Valdez Antiques in Santa Fe. There was no price and I didn’t ask because I was afraid it would be affordable and then I would be the owner of a dead stuffed rabbit. Which would make me happy and sad at the same time.

I love that there’s a chandelier over his head and that he has either escaped from a pirate ship or is on vacation in the Caribbean.