Phase II | Galaxy Ecosystem Animated Curtain Wall

Proposed sound and animation installation for Currents New Media 2018 and Santa Fe Institute InterPlanetary Festival

Amazing Space

In this proposed installation, a continuation of work from Phase I, Edwards expands the dimensions of her illustrations to include sight, sound and motion allowing viewers to imagine what we might experience if we could hear and see this awesome yet invisible theater of space.

Concept Sketch

Elevation concept sketch of translucent, animated, free- hanging theater scrim projection.

The work from Phase I (see below) will be translated to a large scale, projected onto ephemeral panels suspended from the ceiling of the exhibit space. The giant screens – made of a thin, translucent projection material – will undulate in a smooth, natural wavelike motion referencing the endless ever-changing activity of the galaxy.

Projected onto the screens (from front and back), animated versions of Eddie’s work will come to life in an orchestrated interplay of the elements envisioning the complex conceptual, invisible elements of space. Visitors can approach, move through and hear the images.

This interplay of moving elements will be set to an aesthetic soundscape designed to help the listener contemplate the mystery and meaning of the images without distraction.

The piece is intended as a meditative, immersive experience for the contemplation of a vast and mysterious unknown.

Proposed Floor Plan Sketches

Currents New Media Installation — Expanded exploration through animation and sound in a large-scale, immersive projection. Two possible installations shown in floor plans below.

Galaxy Ecosystem Storyboards

Invisible gases and energy emitting events are abstractly depicted in this 2-3 minute illustrated animation experience. The animation equates the events in the universe to the biological cycles on earth; birth to death to rebirth in new forms.

Stills and Sketches from Phase I

Envisioning the invisible.

Soundscape Sketches

An original score may include a variety of elements such as sounds extracted from celestial radio waves, layers of synthesized environmental tones or voices, and possibly primitive percussion accents or rhythms as a counterpoint reference to our existence on earth.

NRAO Sample Animation

Bill Saxton, Animator/Artist at the NRAO will act as a consultant to the artist. Additional examples of NRAO work can be seen on Vimeo here.